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Sports Premium Planned Spend 15/16

Text Box: Planned spend of Sports Premium Spend 2015-16 




Focus Priority Area

Person Responsible



Impact to be reviewed July 2016

Improve knowledge and understanding of healthy living

Purchase Time 4 Sport to deliver Healthy Living through PE to Y1 to Y6


Total cost for PPA £2535

Sports camp £800

Pupil Questionnaire

Lesson Observations


Trained coach delivering a proportion of the PE curriculum to ensure quality provision

Employ a trained PE specialist to deliver PE. Train other staff to deliver high quality PE through a programme of peer observation.


Total cost for salary


Lesson Observations

Peer Observations

Pupil Voice


Ensuring a broad and balanced curriculum

Audit equipment & buy necessary resources

PE Leaders


Curriculum Map

Pupil Voice


Improve fitness and participation

Free before and after school sports clubs

PE Leaders


% uptake register


Improve participation in PE lessons

Monitor participation, revised process and purchase PE kits

PE Leaders



% uptake register












Impact of PPG spending


The school will evaluate the impact termly. Evaluation will focus on improved quality of teaching, pupi participation and how pupils self –confidence has developed as a consequence of the actions.


Sports Funding Report- Silverdale Primary Academy

Sports Premium Funding Spend 2014-15

At Silverdale Primary Academy we recognise the contribution of PE to the health and well-being of our children. We believe that a varied PE curriculum, outdoor activities and extra-curricular activities have a positive effect on concentration, pupil attitudes and achievement for our pupils.

Our Primary School Sports Funding is allowing us to provide this through the various following activities:

C.J. Progressive Sports - Our P.E. teacher is currently on maternity leave and we have made the decision to employ a coaching company to provide a consistent sports coach to deliver high quality PE sessions, as monitored by Staffordshire LA, in her absence.  Our school will be able to continue to deliver high quality lessons on her return providing continuity for our children.

The P.E. coach also runs sessions at lunchtime coaching football for years 4 to 6, and runs after school clubs two nights per week. The afterschool club activities are often team based and always end with competitive sport, resulting the children working more collaboratively during lessons, as evidenced in lesson observations.

C.J. Progressive Sports – Following a period of incidents during football at lunchtime, rather than stop this activity, we arranged a coach to referee and educate the Key Stage 2 classes who play football twice weekly. Since then we have seen the incidents reduce significantly.

The following questions were asked of the children:

  1. What do you like about the football sessions at lunchtime?

  2. Do you think the sessions have improved behavior on the yard? If yes, why?

  3. Would you like more sessions?

Some of the replies were:

‘Behaviour has improved because having a coach keeps us calm and lets us forgive and forget’.

‘It improves our teamwork and health and fitness’.

Bee Active – This company run 2 sessions after school including dance which has proved very popular. We have undertaken some background work to make an informed decision as to which children should be targeted for these clubs. It was apparent that some of our children do not participate in any sporting activity outside school, so by providing the funding through the sports premium grant, we have been able to give these children the opportunity to take part in these sessions free of charge.

Time 4 Sport – This company ran sessions after school targeting vulnerable families. They were able to give advice regarding healthy lifestyles, i.e. exercise and healthy eating. The school was provided with a report after the sessions which was extremely positive and the company said, ‘We felt all of the group motivated each other in sessions which lead to them motivating each other in the theory and exercise sessions. I want to thank Silverdale Primary Academy for the support throughout the programme, and especially the Family Liaison Officer for her recruitment and retention work. We would be keen to deliver our sports/healthy lifestyle services at Silverdale Primary Academy on a consistent basis in the future.

Cooking on a Budget – Our school is looking to start this in September to give a good lead in time for recruitment.  The local social housing company has approached us with a view to us recruiting some of our families to take part in some courses for adults around healthy eating and cooking. The proposal is for a 5 week (2 hours per session) healthy cooking programme that educates adults to cook healthy meals on a budget. Each course could host up to 12 adults. The purpose of the project is to remove barriers that affect the lifestyle of potentially vulnerable or low income individuals and families around healthy diets. This would be delivered through a short training programme for Parents who would be guided by a tutor who would teach them skills to cook healthy meals tailored to their shopping budgets. The participants would prepare their meals at the session and then take them home to be cooked.

Residential Visit – Our year 5 children attended a 3 day residential visit to Laches Wood. We were able to allocate funding to help some of our Pupil Premium families with the cost of the visit. This enabled children to attend who otherwise would not have been able to enjoy the opportunity.

Lunchtime Supervisor Training – All of the lunchtime supervisors have attended training to enable them to engage with the children during lunchtimes and help them involve the children in group activities, promoting positive playground behaviour. The lunchtime supervisors said that they gained knowledge with regard to how to approach children when communicating. They also said that they have seen an improvement in behaviour.

As a result of the training, Lunchtime Supervisor have taken an active role in playing alongside the children. This has resulted in a decline in the amount of behaviour incidents at lunchtime.


Total Sports Premium Allocation



C.J. Progressive Sports


Bee Active

£200 + F.L.O. time £56

Time 4 Sport

F.L.O. time £56

Cooking on a Budget


Year 5 Residential Visit


Lunchtime Supervisor Training


Total spend



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