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Art and Design


From Early Years to Year 6 pupils will have the opportunity to build upon core skills in art practice and experiment with a broad range of materials to create artwork. Children will be able to connect their learning in Art to other areas of the curriculum such as ICT by creating Digital Art and Science in creating Sculptures. Pupils will have opportunities to express themselves in their artwork and articulate the decisions they have made in creating their own piece of work. They will be taught core values of being an artist these include resilience, reflectiveness, respect, patience and evaluative skills, these skills the children will be able to apply in all aspects of their learning in the classroom. Children will be shown the power of positivity and having confidence in their artwork in quality modelling from the class teacher. Throughout their time at Silverdale, children will learn about a diverse range of artists from contemporary to classic artists whilst also investigating their local creative heritage to help them to appreciate the diverse world around them.


An Artist is ...

-Patient and understanding, Art takes time and practice.

-Reflective and thoughtful, evaluating our Art helps us progress.

-Resilient, Art gives us the opportunity to develop our skills and expand on a mistake.

-Innovative, we can find different ways to share how we think or feel.

-Connected, we can express why we have made an artistic decision and make connections to things we already know.




Teachers are provided with a overview of the knowledge and skills the children will learn from Early Years to Year 6 to support the planning of each teaching block. This carefully sequenced curriculum supports a mastery approach of learning, whereby learning is build on over time. The following measures will also be seen to support teaching and learning of each art topic:


  • A knowledge organiser which outlines the linked artists, skills and vocabulary the children will need to know to master the topic.


  • A brief description of the linked artist and activities they could do in the topic to link to the artist alongside developing skills.


  •  A unit guide to a sequence of 5 to 6 Art lessons, with a brief description of what pupils should achieve by the end of each lesson and by the end of the unit.


  • Questions to prompt the children in evaluating their artwork and ways teachers can model evaluating their own work.


  • Opportunities for pupils to practice skills in a sketchbook aswell as on separate art materials such as specialist paper and canvases.



Our Art Curriculum is planned to demonstrate progression of the core knowledge and skills in art practice aswell as introducing children to modern art practices such as using digital media to create art. The curriculum is planned to prepare pupils with the necessary vocabulary and appreciation of Art ready for KS3 aswell as supporting the breadth of diverse artists and artwork that the children are exposed to.

In implementing a new curriculum, we will ensure that children are progressing by monitoring the learning taking place during a lesson, over a unit and over time. We will measure progress through a celebration of learning for each term which demonstrates progression over time through pupils knowing more and remembering more alongside building on prior learning. This progress can be evaluated through pupil discussions about their learning; which includes discussion of their thoughts, ideas, processing and evaluations of work.


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